AC Replacement

Tucson Air Conditioning carries a variety of products for your home. Now is the perfect time to install a Tucson Air Conditioning HVAC system. Current manufacturer and dealer rebate incentives make the purchase of a new system more affordable than ever. Here is a list of products that we carry for your home:

1) Heat Pumps
2) Gas Split Systems
3) Gas Package Units
4) Ductless Mini-Split Systems
5) Air Purification Products
6) Smart Thermostats

Now is the perfect time for the installation of a new Tucson air conditioning HVAC system. New federal rebate incentives make getting a new air conditioner, ductless mini-split cooler, heat pump, or thermostat an easy, affordable choice. Explore some of our American-made products below.

Ductless mini-split cooling systems:

If you’re living in older Tucson home without ducts or are looking for a “do-it-yourself” air conditioning solution, a ductless mini-split system may be exactly what you’re looking for. Unlike precarious portable AC units that are inefficient and poorly insulated as well as dangerously prone to falling out, the ductless mini-split system is a better way to fight back against scorching Tucson summers.

The ductless mini-split air conditioner is actually installed into the walls of your home, leaving no need to move your unit from one room to another. Most mini-split air-conditioning installations take place above and existing window, which permits the adequate piping and wiring for installation. Many homeowners and tenants adore these coolers because they allow the occupants to have increased control over interior temperatures without investing in costly Air conditioning units and installation of central ducts.

Major Benefits:

1      Use very little electricity
2      Are very quiet during operation
3      Higher efficiency than window units
4      Flexible cooling option with zoning temperature control possible.
5      Installation in under one day.
6      An excellent Arizona solution for extra rooms, garages, shops or any room where ducts are not present

As dual-purpose units, mini-split ductless systems can also heat your home during chilly Tucson Winters at a fraction of the price of forced air furnace heaters or baseboard heating units.

Contact Tucson Air Conditioning for more information on that list mini-split systems or to schedule an installation appointment with our customer service representatives today.

Cozy Heating Options

From industry-leading forced air furnace installation, maintenance and repair two gas furnaces, oil furnaces, or even baseboard mounted electric heaters and heat pumps, Tucson air conditioning has a heating solution for your Arizona home or business.

As a proud provider of American Standard Heating systems, we are happy to offer our customers with affordable top-of-the-line modern furnaces with AFUE ratings that range from 92-97%. That means more of the fuel that you pay for is converted into heat!
Oil furnaces
Freedom 80 oil furnace blowers distribute heat try your home efficiently even when temperatures are at their coldest. With a variable speed circulation motor that easily performs under challenging conditions, the Freedom 80 furnace has an AFUE rating of 85%, ensuring efficient use of oil fuel.

Gas Furnaces
Each of the gas furnaces sold by Tucson air conditioning is designed to offer maximum heat quietly with minimum fuel wastage. Our Freedom family of furnaces reduces temperature variations during the night and saves money by using short cycling technology. All of this so you can rest comfortably and easily in your Arizona home.
Heat pumps

Enjoy the flexibility and high-efficiency a Tucson Air Conditioning installed heat pump can provide your family this winter.
At Tucson air conditioning, our mission is to ensure the enjoyment of your home in the comfort you deserve.Receipts provide the most professional, Affordable and reliable heating installation, maintenance and repair services in Arizona.
Use our Convenient online form to contact our office or just give us a call for free heating consultation and 24-7 emergency heating service.

American Standard Heating and Air-Conditioning

The American standard heating and air-conditioning company is a name known for comforts and reliability. The American Standard heating and air-conditioning brand is committed to providing you and your family with incredible service and a quality cooling products.
As a leader in the American heating and cooling industry, American Standard insures their systems and products are both simple to use and easy to maintain. Independently contracted American Standard dealers like Tucson Air-Conditioning are dedicated to ensuring the stress-free comfort of your home for many years to come. History. Reliability. Efficiency. Quality. All of these things make American Standard heating and air conditioning a brand to trust.
Call our Tucson, Arizona office for more information about the American Standard line of products or to request installation of a new heating or cooling unit today.

Accuclean Air Quality Improvement Systems

You probably already know the health benefits of clean air. It’s obvious that a healthier environment starts with cleaner air. But how does 99.98% allergen-free hygienic air improve your health?

  • Odor prevention: The majority of polluting air particulates such as smoke from kitchen fires, cooking grease or even pet-related smells can be successfully removed from the air with an Accuclean air filtration system.
  • Allergen control: Accuclean filters airborne contaminants such as dust mites, pet hair and animal dander, or mold before they land on your home surfaces floors, upholstery or rugs.

Your standard 1” disposable air conditioning filter or order-by-mail ionic purifier room appliance cannot compare to the allergy controlling benefits of an Accuclean air filter.
If you or someone in your family is struggling with respiratory-related Health issues or asthma from indoor pollutants, call us to find out more about how and Accuclean air filtration system can improve your health today. Let us offer you a free demonstration of how Accuclean can improve your home’s air.

Automatic Programmable Thermostats

Better than your average weatherman, American Standard Heating and Cooling automatic Comfort Control thermostats offer the very best in automated temperature and humidity control of any thermostat on the market. Easy-to-understand controls allow for the navigation of a complex system that adjusts to your family’s busy schedule. Program the American standard heating and cooling thermostat to turn off when no one is home and to offer zone control for when certain members of the family have returned. Sleep with the optimum temperature for you with automated control. Now, many thermostats offer built-in humidity sensors to pre moisten air or dry it, depending on your preference.See how today’s best models can reduce your energy bills and increase the comfort of your Tucson home or office by investing in an automatic thermostat.
A sample of thermostats available from Tucson Air Conditioning:
Ultimate 900

  • Automatically adjust home temperature remotely using web-enabled cell phones, smart phones or your computer with the Nexia home interface
  • User-friendly features allow you to program the unit to fit your active schedule
  • Switch your thermostats energy-saving mode remotely to save money while you’re away
  • Automatically receive email alerts or text messages when it’s time for a filter change
  • Contemporary design discreetly blends into your pre-existing home decor
  • Log into your system remotely to turn on lights, appliances, or other connected electronics.
  • Includes the Nexia six-month in the home trial subscription ($8.99 afterward)

Ultimate 800

  • Save your energy usage well reducing greenhouse gas emissions surpassing government efficiency standards
  • Tells you what the weather is like outside so you don’t even need to leave the house
  • Will maintain the accurate time even after a power failure
  • Automatically reminds you when you need to change the filter
  • Large, backlit display is simple to read even under low lighting conditions
  • Easy-to-use touchscreen-lets you program sleep, wait, leave, return and vacation cool and heat setting for up to a week

600 Family

  • Easy to edit programming with simple, menu setup
  • Switches automatically between cooling and heating to maintain comfortable temperatures all year round
  • Contemporary design blends into your home decor
  • Saves on energy while also reducing greenhouse gases beyond governmental standards
  • Allows you to program automatic temperature adjustment schedules for up to five days a week or weekend.

400 Family

  • Very easily programmed, simple, menu-driven set up
  • Backlit display for a elimination even under lowlight conditions
  • Illuminating keys for simple nighttime reading-automatically reminds you to change the filter
  • Total comfort in every room with temperature management at the touch of a button.

200 Family

  • An affordable way to have reliable, accurate temperature control.
  • Slide-out business card holder keeps your dealer contacts contact information close by.
  • Easy to program with a menu-driven setup,
  • Backlit display ensures Easy reading for nighttime access
  • Automatically reminds you to change your air filter

Contact Tucson air conditioning for more information about our complete range of programmable thermostats. We have just the right option for your Arizona home or business. Contact us by filling the online form on page, or by calling us.

Rheem HVAC Systems

Synonymous with Quality

Every Rheem heating, cooling and water heater product meets or exceeds rigorous industrial standards for quality and reliability. From assembly to finish price, every phase in the remanufacturing process is overseen by leading experts to ensure the highest quality. All our products are tested and certified by governments and third-party testing agencies to ensure adherence to the highest quality standards.

Complete range of cooling, heating and water heating solutions

Domestic cooling and heating applications.
Domestic call water and commercial hot water applications
Commercial heating and cooling applications
Major renovation, simple repair, new construction or replacement
Residential, institutional, industrial, and manufactured housing products.

Global Leader in Efficiency

The Rheem brand is an industry leader for heating, cooling and water heating solutions. Respected for reliability, Rheem is the only brand with complete offerings covering residential, commercial and industrial systems needs. With air coolers, heating air movers, hybrid storage-style water heaters, solar water heating, hydronic and Geothermal systems along with replacement parts in all categories, Rheem is a one stop shop air and water provider of manufactured comfort products.

All Rheem products exceed a rigorous industrial regulatory standards for quality, efficiency, as well as air and water quality.

What are you looking for a new air conditioning system, heating applications or water heaters, beam has a cost-effective solution to meet your needs. Contact Tucson Air Conditioning today for more information about Rheem products or to schedule a free consultation and installation today for your Arizona home.