Why should I purchase a new air-conditioner?

  • Improvements and air-conditioning condenser technology over the last 10 years has increased to the point where systems purchased today are 60% more efficient and air conditioners installed only 10 years ago. With federal rebate programs offering large incentives to taxpayers, installation of a new air-conditioner can lead to long-term benefits.
  • If your current system is struggling to maintain factory level deficiency, it may be more financially advisable for you to install a new system. Think of the savings on costly monthly bills by increasing efficiency of your system. With a Tucson air conditioner you can believe that you’ll save money for many years to come.

Which system is right for me?

  • With so many options in today’s air conditioning and heating system climate, only a qualified expert like the technicians at Tucson Air Conditioning can create a cooling profile that fits your needs. Some of the factors we consider when helping you choose an HVAC system include the size and age of your home, number of rooms, applicable Tucson, Arizona microclimates, utility costs, local incentive/rebate programs and your expected level of comfort. We’ll use advanced synergistic programming algorithms as well as space-age technology to assess your cooling and heating needs.
  • Once reduce your electricity costs by 30% to 50%? Many consumers seeking to replace an existing system, do so because new units have a much greater air cooling and heating efficiency.
  • Call us today for help determining the initial cost, applicable rebate programs, service options, warranty protection, maintenance contracts, energy audit or related questions.

What should I expect replacing an old system?

Always insist on a detailed inspection from your air-conditioning service provider

  • When installing inefficient HVAC system in your Tucson Arizona household or business, a detailed inspection should first be performed.
  • Your contractor should include as part of routine replacement installation inspection-inspection of your home’s ductwork, insulation, electrical service, thermostat, wiring, Refrigeration piping, flue piping, condensate piping, determination, chimney liner, filter, driers, registers, slabs, grills, drain pans, and operator coil and any existing distribution issues.

What is a heat pump?

Tucson Air Conditioning heat pumps move air from an area of a high heat to low heat or in the opposite direction.

  • Even on the coldest days in Tucson, a heatpump produces enough heat from exterior areas to warm your space with condensing coil technology.

How long can I expect my new system to last?

Contracted regular scheduled maintenance is the key to system longevity

  • Your commitment to regular surface plays the most important role in the longevity of your air conditioning or heating system. If all the recommended service and regular maintenance recommendations are enacted, your air conditioner could be expected to last 12 to 15 years by a gas furnace could last up to 25 years.

What should I do before calling Tucson Air Conditioning for a repair?

HVAC systems are very complicated networks of machinery and need professionally certified repair technicians to provide regular scheduled maintenance. If your HVAC system is not functioning, there are several things you can do before contacting a service professional, however If you feel uncomfortable or notice any electronic damage while curing out the fine recommendations, please stop and contact us right away.

  • Disconnect and reconnect your indoor and outdoor switches.
  • Ensure the circuit breakers of your main circuits which are in the on position.
  • Ensure that your filters are clean or dirty, replaced.
  • Open all supply and return vents and ensure that they are not instructed.
  • We check the settings in your thermostat.
  • Ensure the system switch is in the correct HEAT or COOL position.

What is Energy Star rating?

  • The energy Star is a program created by the government’s Environmental Protection Agency to create standards for energy efficiency for homes, businesses and institutions. It helps consumers make wise purchase decisions that lead to a healthier environment.
  • The Energy ranking system works through a small logo placed on the item that meets or surpasses excellent energy efficiency standards. If you see this label on it private, it means that the product is a high efficiency operating piece of equipment.