Changing the Air Filter Can Save you $$$

One of the most common problems we run into at Tucson air conditioning, is customer’s failure to replace their air filter. Would you be surprised to know that something as simple as a routine changing and cleaning of the air conditioning filter could save you hundreds or perhaps thousands of dollars? The cleaning and changing of air-conditioning filters is a fairly easy endeavor although often forgotten.
Not only will replacing your air conditioning filter improve the indoor air quality of your home, it increases the efficiency and life expectancy of your HVAC system. Air-conditioning coils have fins very similar to the fins in the radiator of your vehicle. When your filter is not replaced, the fins in your air-conditioning begin to function like filters. This is not good for the AC coil and can lead to costly repairs ranging from $400 –  $2000, particularly if you’re basic oil is located in the attic, as many newer Tucson homes tend to be. A dirty filter can cause your air-conditioner to freeze up during its most labor-intensive periods of the year, leading to outages and temperature build-up in your home. Even worse, your A/C compressor may freeze up and leak water into your home through the ceiling.
Try using a pleated filter instead of the standard filter for better protection of your AC system. The pleated filter has more surface area and will last you longer between routine changes. Although a few cents more, it is definitely worth the added expense of costly repairs.

Turn that thermostat down

The abnormally high temperatures in Tucson, Arizona can create problems for many residents.During the summer, many people tend to keep their AC systems at a near arctic level. However, the cooler you attempt to make your home or Tucson office, the more relative energy you will spend in keeping that temperature stable. Save 6-7% of your total energy costs by going up a degree on your thermostat.
Most customers report 78 degrees as an ideal setting for summer as it strikes the balance between savings and comfort. If you don’t already have an automatic programmable thermostat, considering installing one for a federal rebates. When you leave the home, you can automatically set your AC system to turn the temperature up in your home a few degrees, saving in countless dollars over the summer. Call us today for more information about Programmable Thermostat savings!

Regularly Scheduled Maintenance

Today’s high-performing air conditioning and heating systems are designed to efficiently turn energy into cool breezes or warm air. Although most of the systems run essentially on autopilot, they require periodic retuning to get the most out of their energy savings. If you neglect to maintain your system regularly through a professional air conditioning or furnace specialist, you may be missing out on energy savings. Wait long enough, and your system may become completely inoperable! Schedule a same day maintenance appointment with Tucson Air Conditioning today for a high efficiency tuning and professional energy saving recommendations, today!